Winter Tips for Protecting Your Paint job

The leaves are starting to change, the mornings are getting crisper and the sun is going to bed just a little bit earlier. For some of us, these are the depressing signs of summer coming to a close. But, if you love nothing more than to hide under a blanket while the wind and rain lash at your windows, it means your favourite time of the year is just around the corner.

Just because you like the weather to be a little wild and wooly, doesn’t mean your paintjob will. So, here are a few tips to keep your paintjob in tiptop shape all throughout the cooler months.

Check Your Paint

If it’s been a while since you last painted the exterior of your house, you may find that it just won’t be able to stand up under the wilder months. If you’re going to prepare your home for winter by giving it a fresh coat make sure you choose a durable product. We can give you all the information you need to find the perfect paint for your needs.

Give Your Home a Good Scrub

The cleaner the surface of your paint is, the better it will be able to stand up to wind and rain. We recommend filling a bucket with warm soapy water and giving the exterior of your house a good scrub. This should lift all the dirt, dust and mildew that can turn your house into an absolute mess if a rain front comes through.

Check Your Gutters

You should have done this in summer, but if you didn’t, then you need to do it now. A good gutter system is the key to protecting your exterior paintjob. After all, the chief role of a gutter is to stop water from pouring all over the protected areas of your home. So grab your ladder and check your gutters—your paintjob will thank you for it.

A Trim and Prune May Be In Order

People often fail to monitor how closely they plant to their home. If you’ve got plants, shrubbery or tree branches rubbing up against the outside of your home, what do you think will happen during a strong wind? The abrasive edges of your plants can destroy your paintjob and if there’s wind and rain you could lose the entire topcoat!

Of course, you could just give the experts at Timeframe Group a call and take advantage of our Easter Specials. We’ll give you a paintjob that could survive a season in Antarctica, let alone Sydney.