How to Clean Walls Before Painting

Any professional will tell you that the key to a perfect result is all in the preparation. The pre-season is key to the perfect season for a football player, the harvest is the secret to a perfect bottle of wine and you don’t want to take a hot lap around Bathurst unless every inch of the car has been finely tuned.

Painting is absolutely no different. Whether you want a simple repaint, a glossy finish, a rustic touch or a marbled sense of glamour you need to clean and prepare the surface to get the results you want.

TFG are the top professional painters in Sydney—we know how to prepare and clean a surface, so here’s a run down on how to clean you walls for their next paint job:

  1. We’re guessing you don’t want your furniture included in the paintjob, so make sure you clear the room of anything you want to protect from the inevitable paint drips

  2. Chuck on a pair of old clothes, you’ll be surprised at how messy the whole process can be

  3. The clean is a vital part of the preparation process, for the perfect clean you should:
    • Use a towel to wipe away any dust or debris
    • If painting a kitchen or a bathroom, use a solution of three teaspoons laundry detergent and one gallon of water to get rid of all the built up grime, mould and mildew. Water should be fine for living rooms and bedrooms
    • Get rid of any lumps, bumps and old paint scraps with a scraper or some sandpaper for the more stubborn imperfections. You want a perfectly flat surface to work with, even the tiniest little bump will wreak havoc with your finish

And that’s it; straight form the mouths of the experts. It’s a relatively simple process but it needs to be adhered to stringently if you want the perfect job. We can’t reiterate enough just how important it is to get the clean perfect.

We devote as much attention to cleaning a wall as we do to painting it. If you contract a TFG painter you’ll notice how much effort they put into dusting the wall and then re-dusting to ensure there is absolutely no dust or dirt anywhere. You’ll then notice how diligently they wash the wall, making absolutely sure there is no grime or mildew anywhere.

Finally, you’ll notice the sweat they build up when they start sanding back the wall. In fact, we bet you’ll see our employee spending a lot of time with the ear stuck to the wall trying to pick out a tiny bit of paint flake they may have missed.

We do this because we’re only happy with perfection and just like the extra lap before footy season, the extra bit of time on the vine, or the extra bit of time in with the racing pit-crew, the success we achieve by paying attention to the preparation makes the extra effort we put in worth it - every time.