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  1. A superior finish, on time, every time: Attention to detail and thorough preparation are our key strengths. We enforce rigorous quality control, and use only the best quality materials.
  2. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority: We create tailored, cost-effective painting solutions that go above and beyond all your painting expectations.
  3. Experienced, qualified, professional tradesmen: All of our painters are qualified, experienced, and renowned for their commitment to best practice safety methods.

Of course not. We might give you a follow-up call just to see if you have any feedback or questions about our quote, but you’ll never find us pushing our painting services. Don’t forget, if you’re not sure about something in our quote or if you think we’ve missed the mark, please give us a call.

Unfortunately, Timeframe Group won’t provide quotes over the phone. Instead, we insist on meeting new clients in person, on-site at the building that needs painting. Quotes provided over the phone are simply not accurate. There is always the danger that we could over (or under) estimate the amount of work required. If that happens, you’ll end up with additional costs or a paint finish that you’re not 100% happy with.

If you proceed with the paint job, Timeframe Group will schedule an appointment with you. During that appointment, we’ll finalise the job, including paint colours and finishes. Following that, we will confirm a start date for the project. We will also finalise payment details and, if your job is a particularly large one, will invoice you for part-payment.

We sure will. All of our quotes itemise the paint brand and colour to be used. If there is a particular brand that you would like used, we are happy to source this for you (we may even be able to secure a trade discount). However, if you would prefer, you are always welcome to purchase your own paint. Just keep in mind that we don’t guarantee paint that has been supplied by a third party.

There is no one answer to this question. It depends on the size of your property, the difficulty of the paint job required, and the condition of the property to begin with. We are happy to provide an estimate on a case-by-case basis at the outset of each job.

Timeframe Group has public liability insurance and all of our tradesmen are fully qualified and licenced. If you would like to see copies of our insurance and licences we are more than happy to provide them. Just ask!

You can do the painting yourself, but keep in mind that painting is a skilled profession. Chances are you won’t get the high-quality finish that you’re after. By the time you’ve bought all the necessary tools, materials and equipment (and expended quite a bit of time and effort), the cost of hiring a professional is probably comparable.

Interior and exterior paint jobs have different lifespans, due to exposure to the elements. In general, paint jobs last about 7 to 10 years.

Then contact us today to discover how we can  answer all of your questions and exceed all your painting needs.

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