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Special Effects - Create your own statement

Dulux Design Effects Collection helps you add those special details that make a home unique. Create a statement wall, highlight an architectural feature or add a luxurious finish to home accessories.

Dulux Design Chalkboard Effect

A twist of fun and functional
Create an instant chalkboard in kids' bedrooms, on toy boxes, furniture and in the kitchen.
Design Chalkboard Effect is available in Black, or a range of fun, colourful options. See more

Dulux Design Chalk Effect

Using specialty paint to bring a space to life
Dulux Design Chalk Effect is an ultra matt chalk paint designed for you to create a unique look. With bright pastel colours, chalk effect can be sanded back to create a vintage distressed look. See more

Dulux Design Concrete Effect

Create a refined and modern style
Enjoy the refined modern industrial textural effect of polished concrete. Make a statement in your home on interior walls in the living room, bedroom, or study. Design Concrete Effect is available in two colours. Pale Elements, a lighter more traditional concrete colour, and Onyx Edge, a darker, moody grey. See more

Dulux Design Copper Effect

A rich warm statement
Create the lustrous look of metallic copper in your home. Use on feature walls and home accessories. Design Copper Effect can be applied in different ways to achieve a new look, get creative to make it your own. See more

Dulux Design Copper Patina Effect

Give your statement piece some age
Add over Copper Effect to create the green patination of aged copper. The Design Copper Patina Effect reacts with particles in the Design Copper Effect to add the green, aged look. It's perfect for pots, feature walls or ornaments. See more

Dulux Design Glitter Effect

Give some sparkle to your space
Dulux Design Glitter Effect gives walls, woodwork or accessories a glittery shimmer effect. Perfect for creating a sophisticated and versatile look in residential or commercial spaces. See more

Dulux Design Gold Effect

An opulent, luxurious finish
A luxurious finish that creates the look of shimmering gold. Ideal for feature walls, trim areas or furniture. Design Gold Effect is available in 5 colours, from a traditional yellow gold through to rose and bronze gold. See more

Dulux Design Metallic Effect Paint

The sophistication of gleaming metal
Create the look of glimmering metal on interior feature walls, doors, trim areas and furniture. Design Metallic Effect is available in 15 shimmering colours, perfect for adding a touch of luxury. See more

Dulux Design Pearl Effect

A touch of luxury
Creates the glamorous lustre of natural pearl. Add a touch of luxury in your home on feature walls and accessories. Design Pearl Effect is available in 5 neutral colours to suit any space. See more

Dulux Design Rust Effect

A bold industrial look
A two step process gives the look of rusted iron, creating an industrial appearance for indoor or outdoor feature walls. The Design Rust Effect provides the base, and then the rusting effect is activated with the Design Rust Effect Solution. See more

Dulux Design Stainless Steel Effect

Sleek and Stylish
Gives a sleek, stylish stainless steel appearance to feature walls, architectural features and home accessories. Design Stainless Steel Effect can be applied in numerous ways to achieve a different look. See more

Dulux Design Stone Effect

The earthy feel of weathered stone
Creates the natural look and texture of stone. Bring the look into your home on feature walls and architectural features. Design Stone Effect is available in 15 colours, so you'll find the perfect tone to add a textured natural look to your home. See more

Dulux Design Suede Effect

Velvet sophistication
Adds texture and sophistication to any room. Create the look of suede on interior walls in bedrooms and living areas. Available in 15 opulent colours. See more

Dulux Design Theatre Black

Flat black for deep focus
Perfect for home theatres, studios and spaces that require minimal light reflection. Dulux Design Theatre Black provides a flat black finish that will make sure your favourite movie is the focus. See more

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