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How to Clean Walls Before Painting

Any professional will tell you that the key to a perfect result is all in the preparation. The pre-season is key to the perfect season for a football player, the harvest is the secret to a perfect bottle of wine and you don’t want to take a hot lap around Bathurst unless every in

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How to Store and Use Up Leftover Paint

Whether it’s a DIY job or you’ve hired a contractor, chances are anyone that has ever undertaken a painting project will have some spare tins of paint lying around. If you’ve just finished the job you might be wondering how you can make the most out of your investment.

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Top Tips for Repairing Concrete

When talking construction materials, concrete is up there with the most durable on the planet. To make it, a number of incredible ingredients must be packed to perfection, producing the slab of toughness that we all know. It is this toughness that makes concrete the material of c

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