Certified with Porters Paints

We’re excited to announce that we are now certified by Porter’s Paints. Here at TimeframeGroup, we love painting, and more importantly, we love quality paint jobs. To deliver quality paint jobs for our clients, we look high and low for the best quality products. Porter’s Paints ticks all our boxes for quality. They offer us unique paint products that allow us to create the perfect painting indoor and outdoor painting solutions. They also offer traditional and modern finishes that enable us to cater to the varying needs and wants of our clients.

AllPorter’s Paints are water-based, which makes them durable and easy-to-apply. They are also fiercely committed to quality and have never tried to find cheaper materials in order to cut costs. If it costs more to create quality paints, then that’s what Porter’s Paints are willing to do.

In their quest for quality above all else, they have steadfastly avoided mass-produced and the use of cheaper, but often harmful materials. Every single batch is made and checked byPorter’s Paints professionals, meaning we can be sure of a quality product with every tin we crack open.

TimeframeGroup has always been at the forefront of painting trends and improvements in painting techniques, and we are thrilled to be certified by a company that shares these values.

We’re excited about starting our journey with Porter’s Paints, and we know our collaboration will lead to even better outcomes for our customer base.

Visit Porter’s Paints’ website for a look at the colours they offer and start dreaming up your dream colour scheme.