Dulux SteriGaurd

TimeframeGroup was delighted to repaint the emergency wards at Campbelltown Hospital.Such an important job required a high-quality product, and there is nothing better than Dulux Steriguard—it’s the perfect paint product if you’re painting hospitals, aged care facilities and schools.

The fact that we are Dulux Accredited and Certified to use this incredible product makes us a natural choice for anyone needing a sterile space paint job.

There are several benefits to the Steriguard range.

The paint is high resistance to chemicals and repetitive scrubbing, meaning paint jobs will last longer and maintenance costs will be reduced. The finish is naturally easy to clean, making them perfect for healthcare cleaning needs, while the Bio Pruf® technology also helps to reduce mould and mildew growth.

To demonstrate the durability of Steriguard paint, Dulux has undertaken rigoroustesting to ensure it is able to stand up under an incredibly harsh cleaning agent, such as benzalkonium chloride. Chemicals like this are vital in creating a hygienic environment for patients and staff, and it’s essential that we provide a paint that won’t peel away when it comes in contact with harsh sterilisation chemicals.

The other key advantage of this product is that it is quick-to-apply and quick-drying, meaning minimal downtime and disruption for our clients. This is certainly something that Campbelltown Hospital has appreciated, and we look forward to providing this advantage to future clients that require the perfect paint job for their sterile areas.

There are five types of paint in the Dulux Steriguard range all suited to various applications:

  • Dulux Professional Steriguard Durable Acrylic Low Sheen: This is perfect for areas where the paint will have to cope with cleaning cycles in a clinical environment. It has low odour and low VOC which allows us to get the job done quickly and hand the space back over. It also contains Bio-Pruf Technology, which reduces mould and mildew growth and helps to maintain good indoor air quality.
  • Dulux Professional Steriguard Water Based Enamel Gloss: This offers all the same benefits as the Acrylic Low Sheen range with an enamel gloss finish.
  • Dulux Professional Steriguard Ultra Part A: This is designed to withstand high intensity cleaning cycles in clinical environments, and it does so by combiningtwo part durable polyurethane with Bayhydrol Water Based Technology from Covestro. It offers all the benefits of the other products but is designed forfar harsher environments.
  • Dulux Professional Steriguard Ultra Part B: Is intended to be used as a hardener for Dulux Professional Steriguard Ultra Part A.
  • Dulux Professional Steriguard Water Based Enamel Semi Gloss: This water based enamel comes with a semi gloss finish and allows you to create the look you want while still maintaining all the hygienic elements you need from paint used in aclinical environment.

Contact Timeframe Group today for further information on what the Dulux Steriguard range can do for your clinical area.