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About Us

Since 1992, Timeframe Group has provided high-quality and professional building, painting and property management services. Founded on a reputation of quality, reliability and integrity, we approach each project with an unwavering commitment to providing premium services and a desire to forge strong working relationships with our customers. 

Timeframe Group was founded out of a desire to form a company that would streamline building maintenance, painting and construction for customers. By giving our customers peace of mind knowing that they only have to communicate with one company and deal with one invoice, they are ultimately able to enjoy a consistent approach and superior workmanship for all projects.

Timeframe Group is a specialist when it comes to building and property maintenance, offering a broad range of quality skills and services. Located in St Peters, our central location enables us to stay connected with all our clients. This allows us to service our client base more effectively and with a speedier turnaround time, ensures the efficient operation of building and properties, and gives our clients the benefits of having one point of contact for all their project requirements.

Timeframe Group are committed to delivering all our painting and maintenance projects intelligently, exceeding project time, cost and quality objectives through creative approaches and innovative solutions. We believe in creating an exception rapport between homeowners, architects, tradespeople and suppliers to ensure a seamless flow for all projects with minimal disruption to owners, tenants and staff.

As an independently owned, Australian registered company, when you decide to engage our services, you are also making a decision to support the local economy and invest in local jobs.

About Matt, Owner of Timeframe Group

Matthew Raymond is the founding director of Timeframe Group. With more than 30 years of experience providing painting and decorating services, Matt has the knowledge and experience required to ensure that his customers’ needs and wishes are fulfilled; for Matt, a job isn’t finished until the customer is satisfied.

During his time working in the industry, Matt has used his broad technical expertise and pragmatism to develop an innovative approach that allows him to deliver results-oriented solutions. Additionally, Matt’s unique energy, drive and commitment have enabled him to manage the strategic direction of Timeframe Group’s business, develop client relationships, and ultimately ensure that Timeframe Group offers customers everything they need to become their preferred painting solutions service.

Matt is committed to developing and cultivating long-lasting and trusting relationships with his clients. He is able to form these connections not only through his openness and charisma, but through the advice and wisdom he is able to impart and the consistently fantastic workmanship he provides. It is thanks to these relationships that Matt has been able to establish a reputation in the industry for Timeframe Group as being a reliable and trusted painting service provider.

Matt is also responsible for training and managing the highly experienced team at Timeframe Group. Through only employing tradesmen who excel in their area of expertise, Matt is able to reassure all clients that they are receiving the best possible service, no matter the size or type of their project.

Thanks to his exceptional leadership and unparalleled experience and expertise, Matt ensures that every project completed by Timeframe Group exceeds customer expectations.

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