Creating clean drinking Water

At Timeframe Group we love finding innovative solutions to real world problems. We live in the driest inhabited continent on Earth and we’re never far away from a crippling drought that can place a huge stress on our water supplies. The best way to address this problem is for everyone to do their bit and catch some of their own drinking water whenever they can.

Of course, there’s no point collecting rainwater if you can’t do it safely and ensure it will be fit for consumption. That’s where Dulux Roof and Trim comes in. This high-quality Dulux product has been created specifically for the collection of rainwater for drinking. It can be used on all exterior roofing, including Colorbond and galvanised iron, as well as on trims from plastic spouting to timber fascias and masonry.

It is a 100% acrylic paint and none of the performance and aesthetic has been lost while making it safe for drinking water. We love this product and we will put it to good use for your next paintjob. It’s up to everyone to do their bit when it comes to safe water collection and with this paint we can help you to turn your exterior roofing into the perfect water catchment area.