Services You Never Knew TFG Could Do

The Timeframe Group has been known for its professional, dedicated building and property management services since our inception in 1992. While we offer a strategic solution to all trade enquiries, handling each job on a reputation of quality, service and integrity, there are also a number of services that you may not even know we offer.

While our large-scale projects have spanned an array of clientele, there are so many other works of which we are equally proud. We thought it was about time to inform you of the services that you never knew the Timeframe Group was capable of.

Maintenance Work For Aged-Care Facilities

Timeframe Group offers more than your average home handyman. We have completed a number of maintenance jobs in aged-care homes, improving the services and facilities for the staff and residents within them. More specifically, we have undertaken numerous installations of disabled ramps and rails, creating a comprehensive range of innovative solutions. We love to ensure that all of our ramps and rails feature innovative design, engineering, competitive installation and are fully compliant with Australian standards, codes and the Australian Disabled Disabilities Act (DDA).

Custom Made Benches and Cabinets

We are fully equipped to handle any custom order that you can throw at us! We specialise in the creation of customised benches and cabinets, for both residential kitchens and industrial or commercial workshops. We can bring your imagination to life, ensuring that all specifications are mutually decided and agreed upon, so your space is created exactly how you envisioned. We know that one size does not fit all; so purchasing custom definitely pays out in the long run.

Line Marking in Car Parks

What may seem like a menial task to some, line markings in car parks assert order in what can sometimes be a chaos-driven situation (pun intended!). The Timeframe Group takes pride in being meticulous, using only the best line marking products and machinery. This ensures our end result is both precise and long lasting.

Bird Proofing of Buildings and Roofs

Some bird species are known to create a real hassle at residential and commercial properties. Timeframe Group knows that adopting expert bird control measures sooner rather than later, will help to ensure your building is protected against potential hazards. Not only can birds carry serious health risks, but they can also cause property damage through the dislodging of roof tiles, blocking guttering, building nests and leaving droppings. We work to avoid and eradicate this completely, providing cost-effective and humane solutions that won’t disrupt your life.

So, next time you have a task that needs completed, whether it be great or small, The Timeframe Group would be happy to help. Our team of highly skilled project managers has the experience and ability to deliver optimal results on your next project. Timeframe Group services a variety of industry sectors and deliver each and every project intelligently, exceeding project time, cost and quality objectives through creative approaches and innovative solutions.