For those who do not know what security safety film is let’s just begin with a brief introduction. Security safety films are also called architectural window films or safety film for windows. What this film does is offer protection against vandalism, insures privacy and offers safety against broken glass. These security safety films come in an assortment of textures for residential, and, most security safety films used commercially are either clear or tinted for solar protection. The tinted version also helps to keep the hot air out when air conditioners are being used. Safety films for windows also help to keep the heat in for those who face the cold winter weather.

How important can security safety films prove to be? Very important, and the following example is a perfect reason why you need to have safety film for windows. We had a client contact us because of an injury that took place in one of the buildings. In this building, there was a blind boy who was using a white stick while walking and bumped the glass of the window with the stick. The glass shattered and the boy, unfortunately, received a sever cut to his arm.

Architectural Window Films

The client then called Greg here at Timeframe Group. Not only did the client want this problem taken care of immediately, but Greg also learned of the old age of this building, and that it has over 3,000 windows on the premises that needed to be replaced. Another factor to be added was that the client was on a very tight budget but knew something had to be done. Greg came up with an idea – instead of replacing all of the windows, we could use security safety film on the windows. This approach saved the client $350k and the total bill came to $35k. And the project was in full compliance with the BCA and Safety Guidelines with glass.

As you can well imagine, the client was extremely happy with the total savings for the project. The fact is that many do not think to use the security safety films for safety and savings. Timeframe Group was able to help a client do both and avoid any serious injury in the future.

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