Safety Pool Fencing


Due to the high incidence of children drowning in pools in Sydney and throughout Australia, home owners now realize that safety pool fencing is quite a necessity and is required by law.

Swimming Pool Hazards

Statistics show that pool drowning is the third leading cause of death among children under age five in Australia. To prevent any tragic eventualities, a swimming pool has to be fenced completely by Australian law.

“Accidental drowning accounted for 19% of all child injury deaths between 1999 and 2003 (286 children). More than twice as many boys as girls drowned over the period (193 boys, 93 girls).”

Australian Bureau of Statistics

There is a wide range of materials to choose from. Consult with professionals who are familiar in safety pool fencing, to avoid installation problems.

Timber Fencing
One made out of timber is quite cheap. However timber is more prone to wear and tear, so durability is somewhat of an issue for this kind of material. Any safety pool fence installation should not feature any possible toe-holds that a child can use to swing themselves up and over the fence.

Brick barriers
Using bricks for safety pool fence barriers is an expensive alternative but it is also quite durable.

Glass Fencing
Using Glass for glass pool fencing is a high-end favourite among pool owners in Sydney. It provides more options and gives a classy and modern look to your backyard since it provides fencing without frames.

Aluminium Fencing
Some people prefer to use Aluminium because it is durable and attractive. Aluminium fences provide wide safety barriers around the pool.

All of them have to meet the local Sydney authorities’ specifications in terms of height, distance from the pool and the things surrounding the pool that may encourage children to climb over.

They should be quite secure to provide safety and peace of mind however it does not have to be functional in that aspect. You can opt for attractive and stylish designs to add value to your lovely home.

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