There are specific guidelines and requirements for electrical testing and tagging processes. All electrical testing and tagging processes must meet the Australian standards for inspection and testing AS/NZS 3760:2010. Results of both Class I and Class II electrical equipment must be stored and kept on file. Having results downloaded and recorded for audit purposes ensures that your company will be in compliance.

The Timeframe Group offers a full range of services for tagging and testing needs to ensure your compliance with legislation for testing and tagging. The full range of services include a holistic approach to assist in compliance and safety obligations. Also offered is reporting and tracking of equipment that has been tested as well as a schedule of testing dates for future compliance. Any tested equipment that was within proper ranges but shows that it could fail soon can be tracked to protect against an incident.

Thermal imaging can sense temperatures where high resistance joints and circuits could overload and cause excessive heat damages or fires. Thermal imaging is effective and efficient with much less downtime than other traditional forms of testing. It is a powerful tool used to detect hot spots and anomalies that could be dangerous or cause a system failure.

Timeframe Group offers their services in NSW and Queensland, using the best testing equipment available: the Seaward Prime Test 300 Portable Appliance Tester, Prime Test 300 testers and PATCHGUARD software. These tools allow us to test, download and record all appliances on site and provide a detailed report for audit and inventory purposes. The tested items are tagged and dated with a barcode. If an appliance fails testing we will consult with the point of contact to implement the best course of action. You will be provided with a detailed asset register report and a latest test result report which includes a detailed report of any failed items. You will be provided all documentation and a compliance certificate with completed logbook.

As a professional testing and tagging company we understand your needs for compliance as well as your concerns of disruption of your site or workplace. Our specialists are trained to perform with the least amount of disruption while testing and tagging is being completed. We will work with your contact person(s) to schedule testing and tagging during the most opportune time for your company.

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